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Near 5 Cecil Pashley Way, Shoreham by Sea, BN43 5FF

West Sussex - St. Nicolas Ward


A particular section of the embankment footpath, between the railway bridge and the steps down to Cecil Pashley Way, has been regularly submerged in 1-3 cm of water since October 2019. There is one large puddle, and several smaller areas nearby.<br/><br/>The problem is that the path is impermeable and there is no drain. The water just pools on the surface and cannot run off due to the wooden path edge on one side, and flood wall on the other. It is impossible for path users to go around. I would hope the wooden edge can be modified to as to allow run-off.


08/03/2020 19:52
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Drainage problem
Closed Enquiry closed : Thank you for your report.  It is likely that the flooding issue was a result of the significant and sustained rainfall over a short period of time, and given the improvement in the weather should now have resolved without any intervention required.  If there are any future issues that occur during normal rainfall, or you feel there is any danger to property or imminent risk to highway users please do come back to us on 01243 642105.
Yes On 10/03/2020
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