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Near 6 Bax Cl, Storrington, Pulborough RH20 4GZ, UK

West Sussex - Chantry Ward


The footpath starting from New Town Road towards Clay Lane runs next to a field (opposite Bax Close) The post and gate entry to the field have collapsed due to a rotten post base. The fence separating the field from the footpath has started to lean into the footpath and the fence has barbed wire on top so the risk of injury to walkers and animals is increasing. At the very least there is possibility of damage to clothing from the barbed wire (is barbed wire allowed next to a public footpath anyway?)<br/>I believe the path number is 2638


Reported 03/01/2018 15:22
Visible to public Yes
Category Footway condition
Status Closed On 04/01/2018
Completed Yes
Job Code 943233

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04/01/2018 12:37 Enquiry closed : Thank you for your reprot. This has been passed to our public rights of way team for inspection

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