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Near Harwood Road, Horsham, RH13 6

West Sussex - Roffey South Ward


I reported a tree had fallen in the strong winds and was blocking a pavement. I mentioned the rest of the tree was diseased. Your guys came out today and removed the fallen tree. Having spoken with them, the diseased part is in fact another tree right next to the fallen one. As such, they have asked me to report it again. The diseased tree keeps shedding branches in the strong winds into my garden as well as the pavement. The tree is also being taken over by ivy, which is now coming into my garden from 'your' side. Can you please send somebody to inspect and remove/


Reported 03/01/2018 14:36
Completed Yes On 04/01/2018
Visible to public Yes
Category Tree
Status Closed
JobCode 943170

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04/01/2018 15:38 Enquiry closed : As discussed with Seb, awaiting confirmation of ownership of trees from Land Tegistry search, which are due to be received in post. Once received, letter can be sent to owners to request inspection and any necessary works.

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